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Fabricating Steel Designs For Data Centers

03 March

Data center safety and security is heavily based on the framework that keeps it together. Whether you’re constantly adding or changing equipment due to maintenance or collocating equipment for customers, the need to have customization, ready to order parts and replacement steel frames for server racks and security cases can be an ongoing struggle to […]

Sprinkler Systems And Over-Watering: 3 Surprising Signs That Your Yard Is Getting Too Much H2O

20 February

An automated sprinkler system helps keep your lawn looking green and fresh regardless of dry spells. However, If you’re running your sprinkler system every day or even multiple times per day, you may be over-watering your lawn, which can be just as devastating as not watering it at all. Depending on the type of grass […]

How To Disinfect Your Well

06 February

Coliform contamination can occur after flood waters have penetrated a well. If the water from your well appears cloudy directly after a flood, then there is a strong chance that it has been contaminated. You will need to disinfect your well as soon as possible in order to make it safe to drink from. The […]